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Why Wikipedia is top of the SERPs

For some years, there have been regular ‘complaints’ about Wikipedia’s top position in the search engine results pages, with Wikipedia links frequently occurring in the top three (or at least first page) organic search positions on all of the major engines such as Google and Bing. However, is it unfair bias or is it really…

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Using Google+ to your benefit

The ‘throttling’ of Facebook and Twitter results on Google – with evermore rare occurrences of either site popping up on the first page – has made social media marketing on either site somewhat isolated. Of course, both Facebook and Twitter would love to be ranked more highly by Google: but it’s become a case of […]

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Quick fixes for low quality pages post-Panda

Whilst the noise about the Google Panda update (previously called the Farmer update) is beginning to die down, there will still be many websites who should consider the value and quality of all their content and how this may reduce their chances of good listing in the SERPs. The obvious contenders may not be those…

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How valuable is your network?

Metcalfe’s Law, which is mainly applied to telecoms networks, but can seemingly equally be applied to social networks, states: the value of a (telecommunications) network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users Therefore, if you know 2 people, the value of your network is 4. If you need 10 people, the…

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