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Social media sites create anti-Search plus Your World tool

Traditionally social media rivals, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter have grouped together to create a new tool, aimed at drawing users’ attention to the “biased” results provided as part of Google’s Search Plus Your World, according to an article published by the Telegraph. Entitled “Don’t be evil” (a nod to one of the search engine giant’s […]

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Google testing another new SERP layout?

Google is said to be in the midst of testing another new layout for its SERPs. According to an article published by Search Engine Watch, the appearance of this fresh design has been reported by a number of people. One of the main changes has seen the removal of icons in Google’s side bar (Images, […]

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Debunking the myths circulating in SEO

With every industry there are myths; the world of SEO is absolutely no different. According to an article published by Search Engine Journal there are a number of ‘nefarious SEO fables’ that are still circulating and providing people with misconceptions. Here is just a small selection of those produced in the article: More Content = […]

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User Behaviour affects Google news ranking

A recent interview with Josh Cohen, who is Senior Product Manager of Google News, shows how user behaviour can affect ranking in Google News. This approach is also used by TrustRank, as part of its complex formulae, and it is inevitable that more and more user behaviour traits are likely to be included in ranking…

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Postion in search results makes no difference – it’s official!

E-consultancy have recently published a very interesting article citing Google Chief Economist Hal Varian stating that research shows that position is not related to conversion rates. So, whilst you may have staff dedicated to maintaining your position in the PPC SERPs, it could well be shown from this research that they would be better utilised…

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Is Google a broken model?

More than likely not, but there is no time like the present to look at the possible issues around this question. There have been numerous discussions recently about the UK serps (search engine results pages) showing too many non-UK sites above established UK content. Is it a bug in the algorithm, some sort of global…

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Free ranking reports by email

Why spend hours going through the Google rankings looking for your position, or that of your competitors, when you can automate the process and receive the results by email? RankReport is a great free tool that will let you monitor your rankings weekly or daily if you are obsessed by the SERPs, and will then…

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