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Does over half of your traffic come from Facebook? It could.

We are increasingly moving from a search driven world to a social driven world. If your online marketing spend includes the vast proportion being spent on SEO and SEM, it is time for a rethink. Google’s development of Google Plus in an effort to ‘get social’ (against the behemoth in the social world that is…

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Three Twitter marketing sins to avoid

Twitter, if utilised correctly, is a fantastic tool in social media marketing. Although unimplemented, there is a set of unwritten rules for how to behave on the microblogging site – similar to netiquette – many of which people break on a regular basis. Businesses, operating a Twitter presence with a lackadaisical approach, can impede their […]

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Determining the success of your Twitter marketing endeavours

It’s a well-established fact that Twitter is one of the best social media marketing tools out there. However, it’s not always that easy to measure the success of campaigns or marketing efforts on the micro-blogging site. Having recently produced a list of strategies that can be employed to increase Twitter’s effectiveness in marketing, Heidi Cohen, […]

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Brands missing out on online conversation analysis

Although many businesses are looking to improve their social media marketing strategies by increasing their spending, many are still making errors, according to an article published by the Sydney Morning Herald. In particular, brands are failing to effectively analyse what people are saying about them on the Internet. Recent results from research carried out by […]

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Boosting your Twitter marketing efforts

Many recent studies have indicated that marketers would be open to increasing the amount spent on their various social media marketing efforts. Twitter is one the most commonly used social media sites for marketing purposes, though there are many marketers out there not making the most of the micro-blogging site’s capabilities. Social media expert, Heidi […]

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Social media: That’s the way to do it. Not.

This week, two stories are doing the rounds on the social media sites which highlight how companies can get it wrong with social media marketing. The first tale is about Rentokil who, for those not in the UK, are a pest control company. It appears they have got their Twitter strategy a little skewiff. In…

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Wordtwit vs Twitterfeed

As some may have noticed, we have been experimenting with some of the Twitter tools available for clients and SEO agencies alikes. For those with a blog, there are multiple options for ensuring that the information posted to your blog is automatically added to your twitter account, thereby saving a job. However, some tools only…

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