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Twitter launches new keyword targeting feature for Promoted Tweets

Social networking giant Twitter has unveiled a brand new feature on its advertising platform. Product manager, Nipoon Malhotra, revealed in a post published on the company’s advertising blog, that advertisers would now be able to target Promoted Tweets to users based on the keywords featured in their own tweets, as well as the tweets they’ve […]

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Twitter launches its own photo sharing apps to rival Instagram

The battle between Instagram and Twitter has re-ignited once more, with Twitter launching a number of new photo sharing features for its social networking service. In retaliation to a move by Facebook owned Instagram which stopped users integrating their Instagram images into tweets, Twitter has hit back by launching a range of new services replicating […]

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Rio knitting Tweets “not a stitch up” – ASA

The Advertising Standards Agency has ruled that a guerrilla social media marketing campaign on Twitter, by confectionary manufacturer Mars, did not breach advertising guidelines. The ASA received complaints from Twitter users after several high-profile celebrities advertised Snickers bars on their feeds. Mars said it had paid several celebrities to post a string of four “odd” […]

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Get ready for the next generation of Twitterati

For 5 years, Twitter has somehow escaped the notice of the younger generation, with many quite happy to reside on Bebo, MySpace, and then Facebook. However, one has to wonder whether the decline of the latter of these three social networks may begin when the teens grow bored, and move on to pastures new, as…

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Alphabetti Tweets & Fair Trade ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s Facebook campaign launched this week in the UK. In further support of Fairtrade, and showing exactly how an integrated marketing campaign works, they also launched another, different, campaign via Twitter. However, the Twitter campaign is not about ice cream flavours, nor Ben & Jerry’s, but about Fairtrade. It uses the spare letters…

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How to get Twitter Marketing right – Promoted Tweets

Eventbrite showed how to get Twitter marketing right during the SXSW event. SXSW is one of the main events of the geek calendar, and the place where Twitter, Foursquare and multiple other apps and services have made their name. Following on from the previous post about how NOT to do internet marketing via social media…

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