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Google Challenged By MPs Over Tax Arrangements

MPs have challenged search giant Google over its tax arrangements in the United Kingdom. Last year Google, which offers a variety of advertising products, such as display advertising, paid £7.3 million in corporation tax on over £3 billion it earnt from UK sales. The company’s vice president of operations in northern Europe, Matt Brittin, met […]

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The US and UK refuse to sign ITU treaty on Internet governance

The US and UK have refused to sign an ITU treaty on international Internet governance. The ITU, an agency of the United Nations, wanted to update existing measures as part of an international communications agreement which was last overhauled 24 years ago. The agency was taking part in the World Conference of International Communication (WCIT), […]

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Nominet’s .uk domain proposals criticised

Proposals for a .uk domain extension have been greeted with mixed responses from the Internet community. The UK’s non-profit domain-name governing body Nominet, claim the changes are designed to help boost the economic growth of the Internet within the UK. With around 93% of all UK domain names using .co.uk, the move could have a […]

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China: Ecommerce booming with 220m now buying online

New research has suggested that a colossal 220 million people are now buying things online in China. With the country fast growing into an economic powerhouse, this comes as little surprise – with eMarketer’s research showing the enormous figure dwarfed the 150 million online buyers in America. According to their research paper “China Ecommerce: A […]

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Soaring UK SEO industry “worth £500m”

The UK’s Internet marketing and search engine optimisation industry is now worth more than £500m, according to a report by Econsultancy. The online marketers’ site released the SEO Agencies Buyer’s Guide on March 19, with figures showing an 18% leap in the SEO market in 2011. Econsultancy says the year-end value of SEO in the […]

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Huge impact for business if social networks closed

Following the UK riots, the major social media companies, including RIM, have been summoned to appear before the government to discuss the option to close down the major social networks in the event of similar ‘uprisings’ occurring again. When news first broke with the suspicion that BBM (Blackberry Messenger) was being used to quickly inform…

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