Interesting marketing model here at which bears a little thought.

Jason is selling off the chance for companies to buy a promotional day from him, or individuals to wish someone happy birthday in an unusual way. This isn’t the first time this has been done, as Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome fame did this several years ago, but without the t-shirt. ie he just wrote on his chest!

Jason’s rates start at $1 on January 1st and increase by a dollar a day so Dec 31st costs $365. In return for wearing your shirt, he is taking photos of himself and popping up on blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc as your personal promoter for a day. So far, he has sold 235 days of the year. I’m not great at maths but I think this adds up to $66,795.

Additionally, he has got a lot of publicity on blogs and in the mainstream media for the idea, which will undoubtedly bring in additional work for him as a marketer.

The idea is replicable and once you start considering ways that you could increase exposure to your own company and products, it is amazing what you could come up with where you use the power of the arithmetic series to get sales. For instance, there is no reason not to have one month in the year where you offer your products to customers at cheaper rates, on a first come first served basis, increasing the price each day of the month.

You could have a different product each month and use it as a way to harvest email addresses, build up a mailing list, get customer feedback on new products, clear older stock, raise awareness of your business and so on.

If you sell services, sell off each day with a ‘bargain basement’ price to a ‘taster service’, whether that is writing wills, internet marketing, copywriting, or graphic design, for instance.

What you need to be doing during an economic downturn is finding new customers and bringing in sales, and as long as you have sales, you can work with those customers to develop meaningful relationships. Doing something slightly out of the box like this can bring you attention and hence help your business. Worth a thought!

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