Social Media Is Being Used in More Adventurous Ways By Brands
Social Media Is Being Used in More Adventurous Ways By Brands

Further to our article about using the tools available for quick wins, rather than the more traditional SEO and PPC strategies, I note with interest that Vodafone are doing precisely this today by dispatching a well-known Twitter personality on an escapade from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

Armed only with a phone and 5 SIM cards, @Documentally has 5 days in which to use multimedia and social networking to travel the length of the country, with no money. As he cadges lifts, coffees, food, sofa/beds to sleep on etc, he is sending out tweets, audioboos, photos and video over the mobile network to Twitter, Facebook, and websites, promoting his journey. And, of course, Vodafone.

These type of social media marketing ‘escapades’ catch the attention of your potential audience very quickly, and as a branding exercise for Vodafone it is very valuable. And very cheap! Because much of the content being created during the journey is being archived, it means that as the story gains column inches, even once it is over, the content will still be there for all to refer to, thereby building on Vodafone’s brand far into the future.

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