The key element of search engine optimisation is attracting traffic and if companies pay out for a specialist this should be their only area of concern, one expert has suggested.

According to Adam Price, creator of SEO Sitebuilder, internet marketing is akin to being a highly-crafted science that does not come easily.

However he also adds that for those who are interested, performance in the area of search page results can be recorded with just a little effort and that it is not as simple as paying someone to revise your website.

He claims that what goes on outside the boundaries of your site are equally as important as the content within it.

"The many aspects involved in website development occur both on and off-page," he said.

Adding: "This means that your website will only start ranking highly on the search engines if you combine many different elements."

Also this week Mr Price offered a series of tips that most people could employ to improve their sites, adding that a small amount of input could "have a major impact".

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