Should you Twitter for business purposes? Twitter has been referred to as a micro blogging tool, mainly because of the limitation on characters for each Tweet, (140), but many are beginning to argue that it is more than just an option for blogging – it is in addition to blogging, and should become part of your marketing and networking toolkit.

However, as more people adopt it, it becomes difficult to decide what strategy to take – one way or interactive? Twitter for business has to mean interacting with your followers/customers, but for a company this can become time-consuming and difficult. It also means that the true interaction ie following others within your industry or with authority, is left aside. However, this may well prove to be the most important business aspect of twittering – the networking side of it.

This last few days has seen a flurry of discussion about how to search for and decide who to follow, and whether there should be some sort of ranking of twitterers. Loic Le Meur posted about a search on Twitter by authority, where authority was somewhat simplistically designated by number of followers. Jeff Jarvis gave a pretty reasoned response over at Buzzmachine. Meanwhile, no sooner did Loic ask for a way of searching by authority, than Jon Wheatley produced Twitority which does allow you to search by the number of followers on Twitter.

Meanwhile, the discussion goes on about Twitter, business and search!

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