SEOmoz reports this week on the SEO failings of major high street retailers. The basic premise of the article is that the retailers appear to have overlooked organic search traffic in their bid to gain high cost PPC traffic, and hence many of the big brand websites are not optimised at all well. This gives smaller retailers a number one opportunity to win the organic traffic for many high traffic search terms through optimisation.

For any retailer, however small, it has to be worth considering what opportunities  this type of big name failing generates to really level the playing field. After all, none of the major top supermarkets are higher than #10 on the term ‘supermarket’ – although nice to see the independent supermarket Booth’s making it there.

Whilst the large retailers and major names can afford to throw copious money at PPC budgets and fancy online advertising ‘gimmicks’, what they are missing is the organic search traffic, and this is where smaller players can win out. It really does come down to basic SEO (page titles, METAs, search engine friendly URLs, alt img tags etc) and remembering that keyword-rich content is king.

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