A user-friendly website is likely to boost the success of internet marketing campaigns by enhancing the experience of visitors.

This is the view of Gary Klingsheim, vice-president of US-based web design company Moonrise Production, who claims the importance of website usability cannot be overstated.

In an article for PromotionWorld, he states that websites should be pleasing to the eye and simple, insisting that "flashy" add-ons can put consumers off.

Indeed, web users clicking on a pay per click ad, for example, expect to be taken directly to the information they require and are likely to leave the site if they are unable to find what they are looking for.

"Your customers simply want to find what they need, make the payment and get back to real life. If you can make their lives a bit simpler and easier, they’ll reward you for it," writes Mr Klingsheim.

According to a recent study by responsibletravel.com, the usability of rail websites needs to be improved.

Some 33 per cent of volunteers attempting to book rail tickets online were successful in their efforts, compared to 98 per cent of those who tried to make airline bookings.

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