The power of viral marketing has increased because of social media, according to an article published by

Providing an additional alternative in the world of Internet marketing, viral campaigns can be extremely successful if understood and created well.

Social network growth in the last five years has increased the potential to spread viral marketing campaigns greatly.

Whereas the previous method of getting a campaign to go ‘viral’ would have consisted of a person sending an email to 10 or 20 friends, social networks, like Facebook, now mean that the content can be accessed by anyone that person knows – giving the content much more value and potential.

Nokia are one of the highest-profile companies utilising the method to earn extra attention – with a recent Tron Legacy themed viral mystery game – spread across various social media sites – attracting the involvement of 80,000 people in just over a day.

Recent figures also back up the growth trend, with Nielsen reporting that, on average, 68 per cent of people are more likely to remember seeing an advert recommended or endorsed by someone they know than one without that element of social validation.

However, Michael Melazzo, global marketing activation for Nokia, commented that the process of creating a viral campaign needed to be handled with care. He said: “It’s about building for the longer term and avoiding the quick win.”

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