These cloud based keyword search engines are really useful for finding the search terms and phrases that you need to add to your keyword brainstorm list. Also useful for competitive analysis and finding where your competitors are listing under certain keywords.

Give them a go, they are quite appealing!

Quintura – this was the first one I came across. There is also a Quintura for kids. As you enter more keywords on the left, and drill further into the long tail, the list of domains from the search engine index shows on the right.

Kartoo – this has the additional benefit of showing the domains as part of the cloud, and draws the connections between the keywords and the sites. If you mouse over each website listed, a description of that site is shown in the panel on the left hand site. Furthermore, a list of related terms shows on the left hand panel, offering inspiration for more keyword choices. Has different country versions, and you can also search video and images.

Grokker – quite an in-depth tool if you play beyond the basics.

SearchMe – this is a very good looking tool that you screen shots of the websites from the index so you can look at each of them before choosing where to go. I love the scrolling feature, it reminds me of the Ipod! You can also save results from a particular search into a stack so you can easily find them all again.

There are plenty more of these types of search engines. Let us know your favourite, and what you use it for most in your internet marketing.

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