Designing a website for international users may involve consideration of how certain colours are culturally significant in different countries – however, some of these connotations may not be as clear as they seem.

This is according to a recent Usability News column by Caroline Jarrett of Effortmark, who noted that while there is a lot of information on the web about how different colours signify different things in a range of countries, not all of it is correct.

She explained how Xerox claimed in a colour guide that white is never worn by Chinese women because of its link to mourning, but looking for images of weddings on the internet showed that Chinese women wear both traditional red and modern white.

To this end, internet marketing executives coming up with a new website design should do their research and, more importantly, conduct as much testing as possible, she advised.

Another consideration for internet marketers when it comes to a new website colour scheme should be accessibility, according to the World Wide Web Consortium.

The organisation suggests that websites make use of contrasting colours to help those with impaired vision.

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