He is one of the most respected – and feared – chefs in the world, but according to one expert, Gordon Ramsay is also a useful, if unintentional, guide to getting the best out of a website.

Bas van den Beld of Search Engine Watch said that the Kitchen Nightmares show, where Ramsay intervenes at a failing restaurant to save it, bears some useful parallels for users of online marketing services.

Firstly, it shows the importance of cleaning up a menu – some websites are so packed with information that users cannot find what they are looking for and search engines cannot place the content for rankings.

Ramsay reworks a menu by looking for a niche in the market – and websites should do the same by shunning high volume, high competition keywords for more detailed long tail phrases that will make them "stand out".

Another area where Gordon knows best is giving customers what they want, not what the owner thinks they should want. Mr van den Beld noted that too many sites are currently using keywords that "nobody is searching for".

Furthermore, like any great chef, website owners must consistently aim for high quality in their team, their content and their design.

"Half a site won’t attract many visitors, it won’t rank and it certainly won’t convert. You have to give it all the attention it deserves," Mr van den Beld said.

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