It started off as a quick explore for blog promotion tactics, travelled through a blog critique and moved into a story about the importance of networking with your peers at events, which led to “What is just like breathing for you?

Which made me stop and think.

Internet marketing, after 14 years, is pretty much like breathing. You look at a website and can usually see almost instantly what is wrong with it and why the search engines and potential customers don’t want to play on it. You can see strategies that would bring almost immediate benefits, often for an affordable budget. You can put together ideas for marketing online that will help achieve the aims of the company behind the website.

Yet, when it comes to Photoshop, I am an absolute muppet. I can’t even select part of the image. So, when I run up against an image problem, what do I do?

Find an expert to help.

Robert Stackhouse, in one of the comments on starbucker’s blog post says, “In “Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell shares with us the idea of this ten thousand hour rule. Gladwell says researchers find on average ten thousand hours is about the amount of time it requires to become expert at something.”

Do you have 10,000 hours spare to become an expert on something which is peripheral to your business? Or to your daily life? Not usually! So, we bring in experts to do the job for us. We seek help.

Assessing what we are good at, or weak in, is a valuable exercise to undertake that will help you to recognise the strengths that you need in the experts you find. Working out what comes as easily to you as breathing will help to establish, both in your personal life and in business, where you struggle.

Finding those who have the missing pieces of the jigsaw to make your business buzz is half the fun, and then learning from their expertise and taking your business where it needs to be can lead to far greater things.

And the Thought for Friday is:
“Accept random invitations – magic insight comes from unknown folk”

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