It seems to be more than an hourly occurrence now. Many of those ‘IM gurus’ who we all watch to see what the latest JV, launched today, once only offer etc may be, are now spending their days apologising.

Wrong links to their products, servers falling over, problems in the office – you name it, the IM gurus have been apologising in droves recently. Usually minutes after their last email flogging you the product, sharing the link etc.

Is it just another route to your inbox and your attention? Or does it get to the point where you dismiss them as incompetent?

As a potential customer for any business, how does it make you feel when the company you are about to give money to, establish a relationship with, buy a product from, are constantly saying sorry? And the cock ups continue to happen…..

As a business owner, how do you feel when something goes pear-shaped and you need to explain to existing and potential customers that things are not going as you had hoped?

Is it really a confidence building exercise? Perhaps the IM gurus have some hidden agenda, but it is difficult to see what it is. If you know, please share what it might be.

Or tell us how you feel about companies who go public before their systems are in place to cope with demand. Would you buy from them??

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