Pay Per Click Marketing - Tips and TricksWhether you just use Adwords for your PPC, or you already use Yahoo and Bing, then you will need to understand the upcoming changes as Yahoo and Microsoft join forces in the paid search world. If you are just using Google, it would be as well to at least grasp the basics of what the changes mean because your competitors may well be advertising across all paid advertising networks.

Yahoo! advertisers need to begin the transition of their accounts across to the Microsoft Advertising adcenter as soon as possible, and the Yahoo Transition Centre will help you do this. Take notice in particular of the document that Yahoo has provided to highlight all the differences that you will find in the adcenter and which you will need to be aware of. There are some actions which need to be taken PRIOR to moving your account into the Microsoft adcenter, as well as after the move.

You will need to create a Microsoft account if you don’t already have one in order to import your Yahoo account campaign(s), and then you should check all of Yahoo’s recommendations for post-import actions as these will affect the performance of your account within the new system.

And that, for now, is it. More on this once the full transition has taken place and we can report back more fully on any new pay per click marketing tips and tricks we learn within it.

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