Yahoo! has announced that it will now incorporate Flickr photo-sharing.

The photo-sharing community site has been already been integrated into Google, Microsoft and’s own image search facility, enabling users to browse over 300 million images.

Yahoo users will now be able to search through Flickr photos and will be able to access the user that posted the photo through a hyperlink.

The search engine wrote in its blog: "This integration brings another layer of relevance, freshness and, dare we say, beauty to our image search. And it’s only the beginning."

Ludicorp Research and Development, Flickr’s parent company, was acquired in March 2005 by Yahoo!

French firm Dassault Systemes launched their own new site yesterday designed for sharing three-dimensional (3D) models. The site will offer users the ability to create, upload and share 3D images.

Dassault Systemes’ chairman and chief executive Bernard Charles told Reuters yesterday: "We want to do the 3D Flickr."

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