Companies using pay per click services have been offered some tips from Yahoo! to ensure that their ads pass scrutiny.

In a post on the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog, Malin Kennedy, senior manager of advertiser experience at the search engine, said firms must abide by a few simple rules to avoid having their pay per click (PPC) ads rejected.

First of all, they must tell the truth and not misrepresent themselves by submitting trademarked keywords that do not have any correlation with the products and services being sold.

They should also make sure their web pages are able to handle increases in traffic without crashing, as search engine crawlers are likely to reject broken links.

In addition, landing pages should be tailored to the content that is being advertised so that it is of the utmost relevance to those clicking on the ads.

"This will help your customers fulfil their online experience, as you will clearly offer what they seek," said Mr Kennedy.

According to a new survey by Forbes, pay per click marketing has been named as one of the most effective tools for improving website conversions.

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