Yahoo! has highlighted three changes that users of its search marketing services should make to their account to smooth their transition to Microsoft’s adCenter.

Firstly, it advised brands to shorten their ad titles, as while its pay per click marketing platform has a 40-character limit for titles, the adCenter maximum is 25.

The company warned that after transition, ads that are not altered will be cut off at this threshold, which could cause them to read improperly or make them ineligible for display.

Yahoo! has also urged advertisers to expand their keyword lists, as adCenter treats singular and plural variations of common phrases, as well as misspellings, as individual terms.

This provides a "more precise level of control" that could help to improve performance and marketers should therefore prepare a list of keyword variations in advance of their transfer to the new system.

Finally, the search engine said brands should check their bids, as the minimum allowed in adCenter is $0.05, compared with $0.01 for Yahoo!.

Any accounts that are below Microsoft’s limit will be automatically increased once the transfer has taken place, although affected ads will also be paused.

Yahoo! and Microsoft aim to have all US and international advertisers transitioned to adCenter by early 2012.

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