Sites that cannot be found by search engines "may as well be the Invisible Man", according to one expert who has offered some advice on getting noticed by the likes of Yahoo!, Bing and Google.

Laura Lippay, director of technical marketing at Yahoo!, said that in order to boost search engine marketing, a webpage needs to have its content indexed.

Businesses should therefore check the Robots.txt file of their site to ensure it is not blocking search engines from crawling its directories.

Some types of content, such as Flash, JavaScript and image text, can also be hard for search engines to detect – although this situation is improving.

To minimise difficulties with Flash, Ms Lippay said that it is better to use it "in smaller pieces", rather than building a whole site with it.

Another crucial element of getting a site noticed is linking, both internally and externally.

Linking to different pages within a site – not just the homepage – will improve the "findability" of content and provide search engines with a mix of "deeper level pages".

Links to and from third party sites will help with the classification of a webpage, especially if it is new, Ms Lippay added.

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