The latest waves in the search marketing blogosphere seem to be about the changes to Yahoo Search and its PPC programme.  Yahoo have been quite open about in on their blog, explaining why they have decided to start their account optimisation programme.

Basically, what this programme does is allow Yahoo Search team to ‘optimise’ (read this as you will) under-performing client accounts on YSM. The problem seems to be that what YSM deems to be an under-performing account, and therefore what changes are required, does not always seem to tally with what the search engine marketers and businesses running those accounts believe.

And the fact the terms and conditions of YSM accounts have been changed to permit YSM to make any changes they see fit without asking permission of the account owners has definitely created waves.

There is rather a lot on the blogsophere about this! None of which has been helped by YSM stating that the blogging community have got it all wrong. Which was bound to fan the flames a tad, let’s be honest!

If you want to catch up on some of the blogs about this, click here.

Right now, if you read the blogosphere, it sounds like this has become a bit of a PR disaster for Yahoo amongst established search engine optimisation and PPC companies who don’t want A.N.Other playing around with their carefully maintained accounts.

However, as there are thousands of people out there who do not keep up with search industry news and are having enough problems keeping their businesses running right now, one thinks it may just be another flash in the pan news story that many people are unaware of or have forgotten before it is time to eat the next batch of fish and chips.

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