Companies investing in pay per click services may be interested in experiments being carried out by Yahoo!.

The search engine is testing a programme that displays favicons next to the URL in its sponsored results.

In a post on the Yahoo! Search Marketing blog, editor Jeff Sweat said favicons can be useful in allowing web users to identify ads quickly.

"It’s just one more way for users to know they’re really looking at your site, which will improve the search experienced," he pointed out.

Indeed, if consumers can see, thanks to the favicon, that an ad belongs to the company they are searching for, they are more likely to click on it.

This in turn will help firms boost their clickthrough rated and improve their quality scores, Mr Sweat added.

Last month, Kastle Waserman, communications manager for customer solutions at Yahoo!, said strong, well-written ads that appeal to customers’ needs are more likely to enjoy high quality scores.

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