Internet users in India have been piloting a new portal idea from Yahoo that brings a range of different information together in one place in its search results.

Yahoo Glue Pages was beta-tested in India and combined the traditional search results with peripheral information, such as images, recipes, local information and even Google search results.

The website described the idea was as if a Yahoo search built a mini-portal around the results; Yahoo was a pioneer of internet portals, while competitor Google opted for the search engine optimisation route.

Yahoo’s way of presenting the information is also designed to maximise its influence on online marketing and internet marketing, by effectively working towards building on its use of display advertising.

Glue Pages has prominent sponsorship opportunities, suggested, though not in display adverts just yet.

The Guardian technology blog said a main drawback of the idea is that Glue takes so much longer to load.

Meanwhile Microsoft backed away from a takeover of Yahoo after shareholders demanded a higher-than-market-value price.

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