The larger-sized webpage has been lauded by the online marketing director of an internet mail order company as a way to improve rankings on Google.

According to Sam Tilston of Zoombits, the search engine "loves" bigger websites and the more products a company has, the more pages on a site there are, meaning that each page can be used.

"It’s actually easier," he said.

As an example, Mr Tilston observed that, for the keyword Christmas gifts, the link could be placed on each product page – "and you’d have 10,000 links".

However, he also noted that businesses would need to automate their search engine optimisation (SEO) when doing websites on a large scale.

Mr Tilston’s comments come in response to a report by Econsultancy and Guava, which revealed that 48 per cent of respondents have witnessed an increase in their return on investment from SEO, with 85 per cent using Google for paid search.

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