5 Amazon Listing Best Practices To Consider

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Anisha Nijjer explores the fundamentals of successful Amazon listings, from images and titles to the importance of reviews.

5 Amazon Listing Best Practices To Consider

Did you know,90% of the time the seller who is holding the Buy Box gets the sale?” (Sellics).

If you aren’t familiar with the Amazon Buy Box, it’s simply the box that appears on the right hand-side of your screen when you view a product. It gives you the option to make a purchase and compare prices from other sellers.

With statistics like this, it’s important to do what you can to maximise on your Amazon activity. We’ve outlined our top five Amazon listing best practices, to help you get the most out of your eCommerce strategy…

Priorities for high performance

Firstly, it’s important to understand what’s needed to drive performance with your Amazon listings. Product listing pages can either tarnish your brand or drive engagement and sales – it’s up to you.

To optimise your product listing pages, consider the following elements:

  1. Title
  2. Images
  3. Bullet points (description)
  4. Reviews
  5. Prime

So how do Amazon best practices work?


Titles provide concise and clear information about what the product is and can assist search performance. If you make sure your titles are optimised, you can reach a wider pool of potential customers which can in turn drive sales.


Including images on your product listing pages can help to highlight product details. Try and include multiple images, as this will help customers get a true understanding of your product and could positively influence their decision to purchase.

Remember – compelling titles and clear, detailed images can reduce bounce rate. Customers should be able to clearly understand what they’re buying.


This is where getting your content right is key. Descriptions give you the opportunity to highlight the key USPs of your product. However, don’t get carried away and write reems of lengthy content that nobody has time to read. Try to include descriptive bullet points that describe your product in a compelling way. Your product listing needs to be optimised for the most relevant product phrases used on Amazon to have the best chance of indexing. This process is similar to Google Ad optimisation, but with different keyword phrases.

If you’re looking to enhance your product descriptions and drive brand engagement, the “Amazon A+ Content” tool could be useful. Available for access once you’re approved as a brand owner, it enables you to use additional images with your listing and make your wording more creative. This gives you a competitive advantage over sellers who don’t utilise the tool. Not only will you have the opportunity to influence the broader purchase funnel, but you’ll be able to lift purchase barriers and tell your brand’s story with precise information.

According to Amazon, A+ Content can increase sales by 3-10%.


A big contributor as to why customers shop with Amazon – Prime’s speed of delivery and eligibility. Over 100 million people worldwide think Prime is worth the investment. Free, fast shipping and access to exclusive Prime-only brands are just some of the pros of purchasing this option.


Why are reviews so important? Check out these statistics:

  • 49% of people list product reviews as primary source to influence purchase
  • 91% would not consider purchasing if product has lower than 3 stars

Therefore, it’s imperative that you follow Amazon listing best practices: make sure your listings are user-friendly, compelling and optimised for search. There are many elements of the purchase process that can influence customer reviews – your product being the main component, but it’s also crucial to give customers an enjoyable experience on your listing page.


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