5 Ways To Optimise Your Landing Page For Conversions

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Why are many businesses willing to waste their hard work by sending visitors to a poorly-converting landing page?

There are multiple marketing channels that companies can use to effectively drive visitors to their website, such as SEO, email and social media. So, why ARE people wasting time and money by sending their visitors to poorly-converting landing pages?

We've come up with five time-tested and proven ways to optimise your landing pages and improve conversions...

  1. Clear and simple content

By developing attention-grabbing landing pages, more potential customers are likely to stay on your page for longer – meaning a higher chance of conversion.

Communication is essential in any marketing campaign. If your audience doesn’t understand what you’re offering, they’ll click and navigate elsewhere. When it comes to speaking to your audience, clarity is key. Your copy should convey excitement, urgency, or trust! Simple sentences and power words, such as “now”, “your” and “because”, can also help convey value by adding a personal element to the copy, therefore causing the user to feel as though your business understands their needs.

  1. Well-positioned CTAs

Arguably the most important part of achieving a conversion is your call to action - the one asset on your landing page that should be clickable. Successful landing pages focus on a single call to action.

The CTA should be based on where the prospective customers are at in the buyer’s journey and need to be clear and concise. Once you have your CTA in a prime position, in clear view for the user, then think about the design elements. The colour needs to stand out and even the edges of your CTA can be curved round to be made more appealing to visitors – the button text needs to say exactly what it is the consumer is clicking on.

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  1. Make use of visuals

Visuals can increase engagement levels massively - simply adding coloured images to your webpage can increase the chances of people engaging with your content. Images are a lot easier to digest than miles of body copy.

This isn’t just relevant imagery though. In fact, videos are now more popular than ever and even one minute of video content is thought to be more effective than 1000 words. So don’t forget one of the most important parts of engaging your audience - through visual stimulation.

  1. Ensure your landing page is mobile friendly

User experience is essential to consider when evaluating your conversion rate. If visitors can’t find what they want easily, they’ll go somewhere else.

Your website should be just as user-friendly on mobile devices as it is on desktops. Access your website from a mobile device and approach it like a new visitor. Check your website for obstacles on mobile, such as small fonts, poor image quality, and repositioned buttons, then optimise it to be suitable for mobile users.

  1. Put it to the test

The best way to get more conversions is to begin analysing how your current landing pages are performing, then make amends to improve your page. You need access to your landing page analytics to test what’s doing well and what isn’t.

You should be A/B testing everything from your headlines to your calls to action, and bear in mind your pages’ load speed - a slow loading landing page can negatively impact conversions. Once you’ve tested all the elements on your landing page, you can clearly see what’s more effective at converting customers and continue to improve your page from there.

Remember, most websites do not have traffic problems, but rather conversion problems. Instead of purely focusing on increasing the amount of traffic to your website, why not focus on converting more of the traffic you already have? 

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