CSS Calculator: What Does A 20% CPC Reduction And A Rebate Mean For You?

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Heard the buzz around Google Comparison Shopping Services recently? Discovered how CSS could mean a 20% reduction in cost per click AND a media spend rebate for your business?

At the moment it (literally) pays to be up to date with the current changes to Google’s Comparison Shopping Services.

Google are offering discounts to CSS partners and their clients. Not only could you save up to 20% on your cost per clicks (CPCs), but also a further rebate of up to 30% on your Google Shopping media spend, which is capped at €32,000 each month.

Let’s look at how this applies to you and your business’ bottom line using our CSS calculator.

CSS Calculator: Helping you forecast how CSS could affect your strategy 

We have created a calculator which allows us to forecast the impact the current Google CSS incentive will have based on your current campaign performance.

Below is an example calculator showing the potential CPC saving (based on an assumption of 20%) and up to a 30% rebate:

Screen Shot 09-04-18 at 09.15 AM

Thinking strategically about CSS savings

  • If you choose to reduce CPCs by 20% your budget will go further, meaning you will receive more clicks. More clicks equal more sales.
  • However, some of your competitors may decide not to reduce their CPCs, and apply an aggressive strategy. You should consider competitor activity before reducing your CPCs – you want your ads to retain or increase in impressions.
  • The rebate percentage threshold is calculated based on your spend. The rebate is capped at €32,000.

Will the incentive last?

Google have no plans to remove the CPC reduction incentive but are likely to remove the media spend rebate in the near future – the sooner you act, the more you can benefit from this incentive.

How to deploy Google CSS quickly and benefit from the rebate

With our support and access to several CSS providers, we can get you set up within 24 hours, providing we have access to all the information we need. We will also give you impartial advice on which partner to use for your business.

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