BidCops PPC Digest – Bing Ads Automates and Know Your Keyword Match Types

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BidCops is our free PPC reporting tool. Here are the latest updates from the BidCops blog

How to Set Automated Rules for Bing Ads

The holiday season is fast approaching, but in addition to setting your ‘Out of Office’ email response, wouldn’t it be great to automate your online advertising campaign too? Bing Ads has the answer with its new Automated Rules tool, enabling advertisers to pre-programme campaigns to run in their absence. We take you through the Bing Automation process step-by-step

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Match Point – Modified Broad Match Vs Phrase Match

How do you know what keyword match types will garner the best results out of your AdWords campaign? And what really IS the difference between modified broad and phrase match? We highlight the differences between the two keyword match types with examples of how they work and what results they throw up

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