Wool Bedding and PPC: The Untold Love Story

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It may have seemed like just your average PPC role at first, but what Alex Copping didn't realise is that he was about to learn a whole lot about wool bedding.


The first week of my new job passed by in a torrent of digital signatures, training decks and a thousand windowed faces smiling back at me from the confines of a trusty laptop screen.

Embarking on a new role during one of the UK’s countless lockdowns would’ve been quite the experience for even the bravest of digital superstars, so as the dust settled from my first week at ClickThrough Marketing, I couldn’t help but ask the question that had plagued my mind since the minute I stepped through the (virtual) doors:

‘Oh, by the way, why is everyone so obsessed with wool bedding?’

The Zoom call went silent. Had the f***ing Wi-Fi cut out again? But alas, a faltering internet connection was the least of my worries as I was met with a sea of ominous expressions, each one more bemused than the last. What had I said? But then it happened.

A solitary teams message popped up from my manager. A message that would change my life forever:

You are one of us now… Here’s your new client: https://www.thewoolroom.com/

Confession time. The above never happened. But since the theatres have been closed to the public, we’ve got to get our dramatic fix from somewhere, right? Besides, it isn’t exactly far from the truth. Honestly, I’ve worked with some pretty awesome clients in my previous role’s agency-side, but I struggle to think of a client that has captured the hearts of its various channel contributors as the Woolroom.

The Woolroom are the authority on all things from the wool bedding world, a retailer who are steeped in years of tradition, fighting the good fight to stop the world from undervaluing the fibre that has given them so much success. As well as the benefits that their products bring to the sleeping habits of their customers, they do a hell of a lot for local farmers, the environment, and the future of sustainability.

But what is a great product without the means of getting it to the masses? Enter ClickThrough Marketing. The links between Woolroom and ClickThrough go all the way back to April 2014 BC (before Covid). But this isn’t a history lesson. Fast forward 6 years and we come to August 2020. Pre-peak for anyone worth their salt in retail. And we have a PPC account restructure to do…

‘Say it ain’t so?!’

‘You’re mad I tell you!’

‘Drop the act you clown!’

Admittedly, the move was a bold one ahead of the key peak period, in what had already been a chaotic year for all of us. But what is that saying about proof being in the pudding? Check out below for our pudding prover:

Woolroom blog post graph

Source: Google Analytics (Aug-Nov 2020 vs 2019)

By whipping brand search into shape and convincing those shopping campaigns to operate a little smarter, we managed to drive 98% more revenue YoY. Who knew what a bit of PPC best practise could achieve?

(PS: I knew. Hit up ClickThrough Marketing and we can tell you how as well…)

Since then, things have gone from strength to strength for the Woolroom, with record sales and the expansion of their Woolroom Kids brand making the headlines going into the second half of 2021. In my humble opinion, it is rare to find a client-agency relationship that mutually profits in the way we have with the Woolroom, like a cold pint of ale on a hot summer’s day.

I know what you’re thinking though… You didn’t exactly sit through the blog to hear whether we scored brilliant results for our client. You want the good stuff. The juicy gossip. You want to know whether I sold out and became a convert. A Woolroom disciple just like the rest of them.

Well, being a PPC specialist is all about converting, isn’t it?

Woolroom blog post Alex

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