Bing PPC Advertising Platform Bing Ads Set For Overhaul

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Bing is set to make a host of changes to its PPC advertising platform Bing Ads as it looks to bring it more in line with its main competitor Google Adwords.

The move comes as somewhat of an about-face on Bing's previous stance against Google Enhanced Campaigns: the Internet giant previously claimed it wanted to give advertisers full control of ads rather than bundling device ads together.

With this latest decision however, device targeting - a major part of the full control Bing alluded to - is set for a large overhaul, with advertisers set to be allowed to target specific devices across the usual spectrum of desktop, tablet and smartphone once the tweaks are rolled out over the course of the year.

Explaining the shift in attitude, Microsoft general manager for the search network, David Pann, announced on the Bing Ads blog: "After much analysis and feedback, what we've found is that flexibility also means more complexity for many of our customers.

"The balance between flexibility and complexity is a moving target, but something we always strive to find. As a result, we've decided to change how Bing Ads handles device targeting. These changes will make it easier and more efficient for customers to manage their campaigns"

Pann claims the update will bring a complete compatibility in how ad campaigns are managed from both Bing Ads and Google AdWords, with the aim of ironing out any confusion for users switching between the two.

Key changes involve the removal of explicit mobile device targeting and data modifiers for campaigns. Bid modifiers will be available across tablets and smartphones, but with tablets only having a -20% bid modifier, advertisers won't fully be able to opt out of specific tablet targeting.

The changes will start rolling out from September and continue through to 2015.

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