Google AdWords Launches Ad Customizers for Scaleable Creatives

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Businesses with complex Google AdWords campaigns will soon be able to scale their PPC activity more easily, thanks to a new feature announced last week.

Ad customizers allow advertisers to display customised creatives for products and services, without the need to create numerous variations on the same copy.

In its announcement, Google wrote: "For advertisers with thousands, or even millions of products, showing tailored messages for each product and promotion you're offering can be a time-consuming and difficult process.

"Ad customizers let you show highly relevant ads to your customers, in real-time, even when you have thousands (and sometimes millions) of products, services, and promotions - all changing by the day."

The new feature works by taking information from a spreadsheet, and feeding it into ad copy automatically.

Google gives examples of product information, promotion timings and pricing appearing differently thanks to ad customizers. For instance, one ad reads "5 Quart Kitchen Mixer [...] Starts at $400", whilst its counterpart reads "8 Quart Kitchen Mixer [...] Starts at $500".

Another example shows ads counting down to the end of a sale by the hour, whilst another shows the number of products listed increasing based on up-to-date stock information.

Google also shared some impressive results from test users, with one saying KPIs had improved dramatically, "sometimes as much as 2x", and another declaring "we saw a 113% increase in CTR over our control" after using the new feature.

The search giant said that ad customizers would roll out globally "over the next few weeks", and promised more tools for large-scale campaign management over the coming months.

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