Google Launches My Client Center Scripts For All AdWords Users

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Google has made scripts available within My Client Center (MCC) to all users of its AdWords service .

My Client Center is a tool that enables PPC marketing professionals to manage multiple accounts on AdWords from one dashboard. Essentially it's a time saver.

With MCC scripts, users will now be able to implement and manage wide scale changes to the accounts they manage using JavaScript coding.

So, for example, with the code, users will be able to carry out cross-account optimisation, analysing the performance of all their accounts before adjusting bids without it being a time-consuming process. The feature will also enable them generate cross-account reports in HTML or PDF file formats.

The search engine giant originally announced MCC scripts earlier this year (March 2014) as a beta sign-up. However, advertisers can now find them simply by navigating to the My Client Center when in the dashboard, then by accessing Scripts in the menu on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Google has recognised that some advertisers maybe unfamiliar with JavaScript code, however, and has produced a code snippet page. These code snippets have been split out into the sections, with each one featuring the snippet relevant to the function a user wants it to fulfil.

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