How to build the perfect Black Friday landing page

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Our UX Designer, Luke Pritchard, digs into the topic of building solid foundations for Black Friday by creating on-point landing pages conducive to sales and success.

How to build the perfect Black Friday landing page

Although it may seem obvious, a crucial element of a successful Black Friday sale is having an amazing landing page. You’ve worked hard to drive traffic to your website, but if the landing page doesn’t hit the mark, it could have a detrimental effect on sales and conversion.

Laying solid foundations within your Black Friday campaign can be done successfully by creating a Black Friday landing page that is user friendly, builds excitement and provides a seamless user experience.

We are going to be exploring how to create a Black Friday landing page that customers (and Google!) will love.


Increase conversion rates of your Black Friday landing page

So, we've discussed how to get Google to notice and love your Black Friday landing page, but you also need to consider the consumer in the equation. It’s all well and good directing consumers to your Black Friday landing page, but the page itself can have a huge effect on conversion. The following tips explore the ways in which you can increase the conversion rate of your Black Friday landing page.


1. Use clear messaging

Ensure you have a clear message to highlight the promotions you are running so users understand exactly what you’re offering. Continue this throughout the page to ensure clarity for customers, so they know what saving or discounts they are getting. Highlighting the money users can save makes it a more tangible experience overall and help drive that value home.


2. Create a sense of urgency

Creating a sense of urgency around the campaign will help drive conversion throughout - countdown timers or banners will remind users that the offers are time-sensitive and can build a buzz around the offer. Leveraging on FOMO (fear of missing out) creates a persuasion to drive conversion before the sale ends.


3. Form a clear user experience

Create a clear, easy to navigate user experience. This may seem quite broad but is pivotal in order to drive conversion on Black Friday. Streamlining a landing page allows users to find what they’re looking for efficiently. Creating clear points of engagement throughout the page encourages them to progress down the funnel to the point of conversion.


 4. Use the 'Above the Fold' method

‘Above the fold’ essentially means what a user sees when they land on a website, above the bottom of the screen. This needs to engage the user as soon as they land, as it is the only place you can 100% guarantee they are going to see. Research shows that users make a decision to bounce from a landing page within the first five seconds, so it’s important to outline your offers here.


 5. Use clear calls to action

Calls to action which are easy to understand are crucial, as full visibility is key to users. Be mindful of linking to areas of the site which are outside of the main conversion funnel of your Black Friday campaign, as you want to avoid steering people away from purchasing. Call to action text should be relevant and highlight what it’s going to do for the user.


 6. Keep it simple

Simplify decision making for potential customers, for example, if you’re highlighting multiple products or categories of a product, use comparisons and descriptions to make it easy for your customer to decide which is the best product choice for them. Your Black Friday landing page needs clear, clickable options to funnel users to the correct area of the site that is applicable to them.


7. Highlight how you add value

Highlight how you add value and what sets you apart from your competitors - in a saturated Black Friday market it’s important to highlight what you can give over someone else, such as free delivery or finance. These are factors that could help persuade users to choose your service over another brand.


8. Increase trust

Consumers will be looking through competitors during the Black Friday period, with many major discounts taking place. Highlighting testimonials, awards, accreditations, and reviews increases the trust between you and the consumer, which can be valuable in influencing their decision to convert.


9. Ensure the page is responsive

Ensure your Black Friday landing page is fully responsive and optimised for mobile. From a conversion point of view, during Black Friday in e-commerce, it’s clear that mobile is huge for the research process, so ensuring your page is fully responsive is critical in the overall experience and success. With mobile in particular, it’s important to make use of calls to action, which anchor users down the page, encouraging them to scroll to products.


Why is testing so important to increase performance?

We can leverage testing to increase conversions, as we often don’t know what the best solution is to something until it’s tried and tested. For instance, in relation to Black Friday, we may not know which copy out of ‘50% off services’ or ‘save up to £100 on services’ is more likely to convert unless we test.

There are different types of testing that can be done prior to Black Friday in order to increase success. User testing allows you to receive user feedback in specific demographics prior to a campaign going live, which means you’re able to launch with an optimised version of the page that resonates with the audiences you want to target.

A/B testing can be used to explore the elements we don’t know about. For instance, when we don’t know what the conversion impact might be, we can use this testing method in the run-up to Black Friday, Black Friday itself and across the remainder of the weekend. This allows us to gauge that by doing this it has ‘X’ performance uplift, allowing us to determine what the best version of the landing page is, and which we should use for the main period.

Testing gives tangible data to allow us to understand what is going to make an impact through Black Friday, what’s going to drive conversion and ensure we’re eliminating as much risk as possible.


Black Friday landing page success

Now you’ve built your Black Friday landing page, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll get users’ eyes on your conversion rate optimised design.

Ensuring your Black Friday campaign has solid structural foundations with an impressive landing page and well-thought-out SEO strategy can make a monumental difference when it comes to sales and conversion. They are tightly knitted as, while alignment with Google guidelines is key, if your landing page doesn’t impress then your hard work may not come to fruition.

If you’re interested in learning more about how SEO goes hand in hand with CRO our full webinar on ‘How to create the perfect Black Friday landing page’ is available to watch here.


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