Improving your ROI on LinkedIn Ads

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Widely known as the business professional's social network of choice, LinkedIn is a site that offers a number of great advertising opportunities.

According to Joseph Kerschbaum, writing for Search Engine Watch, LinkedIn Ads, with the right strategy behind them, can provide a fantastic ROI (return on interest).

Kerschbaum has highlighted a number of tactics to implement when using LinkedIn Ads, in order to gain a good ROI.

Here are just two of those aforementioned tactics in a summarised form:

Tactic 1 - As with any PPC marketing campaign you must ensure that you're targeting an appropriate audience. Creating brilliant ads that are then not seen by your target audience is simply a waste of time, effort and resources.

Tactic 2 - LinkedIn Ads allow images to be featured. Though only small - 50x50 pixels to be precise - the images can be beneficial to your ads.

In order for them to have any benefit, the images need to be cropped and zoomed appropriately - so that your audience can see clearly and quickly what the image represents.

In an example Kerschbaum explains: "If you use an image of a person standing in the rain, the image won't make any sense because it's too small, but if you crop and zoom in on that person's face, this will make the image easier to interpret."

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