Podcast: Threads and The Changing Social Media Landscape

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Join Olivia and Stef as they speak to social media specialist Ed about Threads, Twitter's evolution and the future of being social digitally.


In the past month we've seen the arrival of Mark Zuckerberg's latest foray into the social media landscape, Threads. There's also been a huge change to Elon Musk's Twitter in recent weeks which is being to have an impact on users.

In this episode of The Assorted Digital Ramblings podcast, hosts Stef and Olivia speak to Ed about the evolving world of social media, including some of the major changes and what businesses should be doing moving forward.

Episode 18: Thready or NOT

Looking for the latest Digital Marketing discussion? This latest podcast episode is all about the arrival of Threads, Twitter turning to X and Elon Musk wanting to create an "everything app - but we've got plenty of other exciting episodes in our back catalogue which you can listen to on your preferred platform or on our podcast homepage.

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Episode 18 timestamps

Want to head to a specific part of the podcast? Use our helpful timestamps to navigate around with ease.

00:00 - Introduction

05:35 - What is Threads?

09:30 - Why was Threads launched?

11:00 - Is Threads a finished product?

12:30 - Why launch an unfinished product?

14:00 - What's wrong with Twitter?

20:00 - What's missing from Threads?

23:30 - Why was Threads so popular at launch?

27:15 - What are the similarities between Twitter and Threads?

29:00 - The Twitter Blue problem

36:00 - Why are users migrating away from Twitter?

38:00 - Will Threads need to relaunch as hype drops?

40:00 - Threads and its impact on marketing

47:00 - The evolution of Social Media

51:00 - Fragmenting communities across platforms

55:00 - What should businesses do on Social Media in the current landscape?

58:00 - The impending arrival of 'X', Elon's "Everything App".

1:08:00 - Where will Social Media be in the next five years?

1:12:00 - Wrapping up and outro


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