Keeping your PPC marketing campaigns on track

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PPC marketing is likely to play a significant role in many businesses' digital marketing strategies during 2012. Writing for Search Engine Watch, Joseph Kerschbaum has created a list featuring a number of tips that could, if employed, keep PPC campaigns operating effectively.

Here are just a few of Kerschbaum's tips:

Use Campaign Automation - In the world of PPC marketing, things can get extremely hectic - there is little, if any, time to lay off and enjoy a period of being unproductive.

Therefore it is important to ensure that you take advantage of the features in AdWords - such as automated reports, alerts and conversion optimiser.

Having automation in play will also allow you to focus on the areas of your campaign that require more of your time and attention.

Energise Your Creativity - Kerschbaum suggests that a loss of drive and enthusiasm when managing a PPC campaign can lead to accounts becoming stale - ultimately resulting in a poor return on interest (ROI).

To combat this, he states that the workspace should be altered, exercises undertaken and frequent short "brain breaks" scheduled. He also suggests that you should read anything that doesn't have anything to do with PPC strategies during periods of downtime to keep enthusiasm levels at an optimum level.

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