Kraft spreads love with Valentine's Day Twitter campaign

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Kraft Foods has launched a new social media marketing campaign for Valentine's Day, according to an article published by ClickZ.

Conducted via Promoted Tweets on Twitter and a Facebook app, the campaign is aimed at getting users to feature the hash-tag #VoiceOfLove throughout the day; for each tweet that features the hash-tag, Kraft will donate a hundred boxes of its own Macaroni & Cheese to the charity, Feeding America.

Users are also being asked to feature their own Valentine's Day message when using the hash-tag.

Some of the messages will then be read by Ted Williams, formerly a homeless man who became a YouTube star after someone uploaded a video showcasing his distinctive vocal tone. Ted has been chosen to be the voice of Kraft - and the read-out messages will be posted on YouTube.

Kraft has conducted a number of marketing campaigns via the micro-blogging site Twitter. Last year the company selected five tweets - specifically centred around Macaroni & Cheese - and then featured one of them on a TV advert.

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