Making PPC meetings productive

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In PPC marketing, the majority of conversations - regarding reports and updates - take place over the phone.

Joseph Kerschbaum, writing for Search Engine Watch, claims that there are a number of tactics that can make these meetings extremely productive.

Here are just a few of the tactics he suggests for a successful PPC phone conference, call or meeting:

Invite only those who are needed - There isn't any point in inviting those whose presence isn't necessary - remember you're just going to be wasting their time. Decision makers and those people who "absolutely need to know" should be at the top of your invite-list.

Why is the meeting taking place? - If you can't answer this questions, there is a good chance that the meeting doesn't need to take place. Kerschbaum states: "Don't just focus on topics; what should everyone get out of the meeting?"

Pull up statistics before the meeting - Going into a meeting blind simply isn't good enough; you need to spend a significant amount of time reviewing your performance.

While it might not be possible to answer all queries that come your way, don't be afraid of saying "I don't know," provided that it is followed up with "But I'll find out and follow-up." Remember though, this shouldn't be an excuse not to at least try to anticipate the questions or concerns that may be raised during the meeting.

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