Many UK businesses unaware of legal responsibility for social media content

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The results of a recent survey, conducted by Iron Mountain, have shown that just 54 per cent of businesses based in the United Kingdom realise that they are legally responsible for the content published on social media sites, according to an article published by The Drum.

Although 76 per cent stated that they regard communication conducted via social media sites - such as Facebook and Twitter - as a formal business record, 33 per cent also described their management of their presence on these platforms - often used for social media marketing purposes -  as "chaotic" and "unmanaged."

Head of information security at Iron Mountain Europe, Christian Toon, commented on the survey results.

He said: "Social media is troubling organisations much as email did a decade or so ago. It's new, it generates huge volumes of unstructured data, and that makes it hard to control.

"The immediacy and informality of social media increase the potential risks of data breaches and information exposure, so it is not surprising that many companies feel threatened," he added.

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