Maximise Clicks With Bing Ads’ New Automated Strategy

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Bing Ads recently announced the full rollout of its new automated bid strategy, which is designed to deliver advertisers a maximum amount of clicks within their budget.

Over a year ago, Bing Ads brought in the Enhanced CPC Bid Strategy, which automatically adjusts bids to ensure campaigns generate higher conversion rates and lower CPAs.

Since this release, the demand for full bid automation has become a prominent request, and now the Paid Search giant has brought home the bacon. If you are still not using a 3rd party bid management platform like Kenshoo then make sure you read on!

On 9th October, a member of the team announced:

We’re excited to introduce the newest member of our bid strategy family: Maximise Clicks. This bid strategy is designed to help you maximise your click volumes within your current budget.

But how does it work?

Advertisers define their budget and Bing Ads will do the rest, completely on autopilot. It will set bids that are most likely to maximise the amount of clicks, which means there is no need for advertisers to individually manage their keyword bids anymore. What’s more, you can also set maximum CPCs if you are wary of any large increases in CPC’s across your Bing account.

Here’s how the Bing Ads team recommend you begin:

  • Navigate to the Campaigns tab
  • Find header Bid Strategy Type
  • In menu, click Automated bidding: Set my bid to maximise clicks

Alternatively, you can navigate to the Bid Strategy section in campaign settings and select the same option as above from the drop-down menu. For more information on how to set this up please visit here.

The team advises that anyone implementing this new feature must let it run for a solid month before comparing the results to previous data collected, as the feature needs time to learn and optimise.

Bing Ads’ Program Manager Haily De La Cruz states:

Maximise Clicks does not coordinate with third-party bid management tools… Bing Ads would likely overwrite any bids set by a third-party bid management tool.

This rollout is a result of positive feedback given for Bing Ads’ previous bid strategy, and aims to provide advertisers with a smoother, easier experience overall.

NOTE: This exciting feature is not yet available for Bing Shopping Campaigns.

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