Mistakes commonly made during PPC marketing campaigns

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There are a number of mistakes commonly made in PPC marketing campaigns; despite being easily avoidable, these mistakes continue to be made on a regular basis, according to Elise Gabbert, writing for Business 2 Community.

She states that these avoidable mistakes can have a damaging effect on campaigns - affecting CTR (click-through rates) Quality Score levels and more importantly ROI (return on investment).

Gabbert has highlighted some of these mistakes; here are just a couple of them in a summarised form:

Mistake 1 - Not writing unique ad text - You'll often see many PPC adverts that don't have any of the words featured in a search query; Gabbert states that this is a "big no-no!" It is important not to use the same advert across multiple groups; instead the ads should be tailored towards small more specific groups.

In the example provided, a PPC advert for "Whole Brisket Online" is displayed when the query "mail order ribs" is made. Gabbert states if the company behind the ad sell ribs, the word should be included either in headline or the main ad copy; if they don't, "ribs" should be defined as a negative keyword.

Mistake 2 - Not using extensions - Adding an extension to a PPC advert is extremely easy; extensions work very well for products - providing people with an image of what they're searching for.

Gabbert states that a picture goes a long way towards verifying that the particular ad is related to your search query - without having to spend time reading the text that accompanies it.

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