RIM infographic raises Twitter users' ire

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Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the BlackBerry, has become the latest big name to experience what happens when a social media marketing campaign on Twitter goes awry, according to an article published by ZDNet.

Having launched the BeBold campaign at the beginning of year, RIM asked users to tweet their resolutions for the New Year - using the hashtag #BeBold.

The campaign got a good response until RIM unveiled four cartoon characters designed to reflect the main themes featured in the resolutions - Achievers, Adventurers, Advocates and Authentics.

Tweeters lined-up to express their criticism of the characters, with one Tweeter writing: "The BlackBerry new #BeBold campaign is really, really cringeworthy. Dated characters and painfully bad copy. They should just die gracefully."

RIM has responded with a post published on the BlackBerry blog.

It read: "We've noticed The BeBold Team has received a lot of attention over the last couple of days, and wanted to clarify - this infographic is just intended to be a bit of fun. On New Year's Eve, we asked BlackBerry Twitter followers and their friends to submit their resolutions on how they plan to be bold in 2012.

"More than 35,000 resolutions streamed across Twitter, Facebook, and giant billboards in Times Square. As we looked at the resolutions and the data, majority patterns and categories emerged. We decided to organise the data and share it in a fun way, and the result is the infographic. This is not a new ad campaign," the statement added.

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