PPC News Roundup: AdWords’ Showcase Ads Display Collections

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Rachel Poole and Sarah Kemp detail the latest Paid Search news, including more about Showcase Ads.

AdWords’ Showcase Ads Display Collections


Just in time for the holiday shopping season, Google AdWords has released Showcase Ads to more countries.

Tailored to fit in with current mobile shopping behaviour, Showcase Ads allow businesses to expose more of their products to consumers, in a ‘collection’ within the same ad.

According to research conducted by Google in 2016, “shoppers who engage with the new ad type are more likely to consider the brand being advertised.”

In our own strategies, we’ve seen some encouraging statistics with regards to Showcase Ads. Find out more.

In-Store Products Get New Ad Units


To drive footfall rather than online traffic, Google is planning on releasing local display ads that promote in-store products and sales.

Instead of promoting products that can be ordered online, local display ads promote products that can be purchased in bricks and mortar stores.

All users need do is ask “Okay Google, where can I buy (skinny jeans) nearby?

Google will then supply them with a list of the nearest stores with that product in stock.

Note: this feature is only available if you have a local inventory feed for shopping ads.

If you don’t already have this set up, our Digital Paid Media experts can help.

Twitter Video Cards Supercharge Load Speed


Twitter has recently launched video cards, which are simply an ad type with a preview of a web page instead of a textual link.

But why has Twitter released these?

  1. Increased autoplay for users

  2. Quicker web page loading speed

  3. Personalised interactions between brands and users

Launched on Tuesday 17th October 2017, these ads went global from the off. The beta test retrieved a 60% increase in retention, which is promising for brands looking to invest in this feature.

Bing’s Latest Test


To make their “Ads” tag appear similar to how Google marks up its paid results in SERPs, Bing is undergoing another test.

This new version is much more prominent compared to before, signifying that they are in fact, ads.

This is a limited test, according to SEM Post writer Jennifer Slegg.

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