PPC: Three New Features for Bing Ads

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Microsoft has introduced three new features for Bing Ads: simplified device targeting, Dynamic Sitelinks and a brand-new campaign planner.

Simplified Device Targeting

Bing announced it would be switching to simplified device targeting back in June, bringing its targeting options in line with Google AdWords Enhanced Campaigns.

In other words, users can no longer choose to target smartphones, tablets and desktops individually, but must use a simplified system that allows selection of 'Smartphones' or 'Desktop and tablet' as targeting options.

Advertisers are still able to control how often their ads appear on different device types using bid modifiers - though it isn't possible to exclude tablets entirely.

The new feature rolled out last week, with Bing saying changes to campaigns must be made by Friday October 3, 2014 (according to PPC Hero).

Dynamic Sitelinks

As with simplified device targeting, Bing's new Dynamic Sitelinks feature follows up on features already introduced by Google.

The dynamically generated links will appear on ads that don't already use sitelink extensions, which allow advertisers to control the content of their sitelinks. Advertisers will not be charged when users click on dynamic sitelinks.

According to Search Engine Land, which broke the story, Dynamic Sitelinks are currently rolling out in the US.

Campaign Planner

Bing's new campaign planner was introduced Wednesday last week.

The new tool promises to "[give] you both the breadth and depth of insight needed to sharpen your campaign planning strategy."

With campaign planner, PPC advertisers can now gain access to marketplace metrics and trends, competitor performance information, and keyword insights.

For full details of functionality, read Bing's blog post about the new tool.

, and announced in a Bing Ads blog post.

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