Top 5 Recommended A/B Testing Tools

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A/B testing lets you see what users engage with and make data-driven decisions. With a range of A/B testing programs, available we share our favourites.


Testing is an essential part of ensuring new site features or design elements are watertight. While we all might have opinions on which version of a web page looks best, when conversions are at stake, we need data to back up our reasoning. A/B testing helps us differentiate between similar versions of a new page and easily identify which parts users engage with the most.

Here at Clickthrough we use a variety of tools to help us achieve results, here I’m naming a few of the top Tools in the industry and why you should consider using them.


Our 5 best A/B Testing Tools

1. VWO

VWO is an all-in-one, cloud-based A/B testing and conversion rate optimization platform that enables you to run multiple tests on campaigns, products, features, apps, and websites. You can easily conduct qualitative and quantitative research work, create test variations using its powerful visual editors, and map the performance of your tests via the robust dashboard. We use this tool at clickthrough and find it invaluable to help us achieve excellent results for our clients! It is completely user friendly and can cope with small or complex changes.

2. Optimizely

At the root, Optimizely majorly focuses on offering web experimentation and personalization services. However, you can use its capabilities and services to run experiments on mobile apps and messaging platforms, as well as optimize the entire customer experience across all touchpoints. You can also run tests on multiple pages with accurate results which is very good considering you may want to be running multiple tests at one time in some instances.

3. Adobe Target

This is an enterprise-grade tool that provides rule-based A/B testing and personalization services. It offers easy integration with Google Analytics and generates reports that you can use for UX testing, personalization, and altering marketing offers. You can easily create variations, target audience segments depending on your experiment hypothesis, and customize goals and settings for the test. This is very good for its use with Google Analytics and how well it works with it!

4. A/B Tasty

Besides the usual A/B, split, and multivariate testing options, the platform also offers an interesting funnel testing feature that enables you to experiment with changes across many pages at once. The tool also provides real-time view of your tests and results. Also, this software doesn’t cost a lot for what you get and is very competitive on price when compared to others. 

5. Google Optimize 360

Google Optimize 360 is the paid or premium version of Google Optimize. Besides encompassing all the basic features of its counterpart free version, such as A/B testing, native Google Analytics integration, URL targeting, Geo-targeting, etc., Optimize 360 takes things one step ahead. With Optimize 360 you can:

  • Rest up to 36 combinations while running a multivariate test
  • Run more than 100 experiments simultaneously
  • Make more than 100 personalization’s simultaneously
  • Access Google Analytics 360 Suite administration


Are there any free A/B testing tools?

And Finally, I thought I’d stick another option for users just wanting to start out at A/B testing or on a slight budget, Google Optimise has a FREE Edition which has a limited version of its Google Optimise 360 Service, but still has enough for running tests, gathering data and results.


So there it is, the top 5 A/B testing tools and an honourable mention to Google’s free A/B testing tool, let us know if you think there are one’s we are missing but hopefully this has helped narrow down your choice of what to use when looking at running A/B tests for your website or app.

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