DPM News Update: Amazon reaches a 10% share of the US ads market

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The DPM team are joining International and SEO in sharing the weekly news that's caught their eye! This week, Olivia Green is giving us insight into the world of DPM


Hello and welcome to the new DPM weekly news roundup! We on the DPM team have decided it's high time we started sharing the news that's been catching our eyes each week, and will also be adding our own CTM news bulletin too!

We'll be giving some insight into the developments in the world of digital paid media along with some interesting (if slightly unrelated facts) we've also picked up! For example, did you know that if a vampire were to feed once a day and turn one of his victims into a vampire, the entire human population of the planet would become vampires in just over a month?! 🦇

But that's enough about what we get up to in our spare time... read on for the breaking DPM news that you need to know about.


Google Ads' continuous audience sharing is now available from sub-accounts

After Google released their continuous audience sharing feature last year, demand soon came in for this to be extended to sub accounts. This change finally came in on the 6th April, allowing users to share remarketing lists from sub-accounts with the manager accounts too.  With remarketing being such a powerful tool in so many campaigns, this organisation can only be a good thing! 


Google Ads Sitelinks Tests List Vertical Interface With 3 Links

A small change that will change the way SERPs look - Google is testing out a new way to present site links. Google often play around with how their site links look and this time they seem to be trying out a vertical list of three.

When setting up an account, we always suggest using ad extensions to bolster your ad quality. In this case, a vertical list could mean a slight increase on SERP real estate, making site links more important than ever!


Amazon's share of US digital ad market hits 10% for first time

We're true champions of Amazon here at ClickThrough, ensuring that we treat it as an independent ad channel that requires its own approach and specialists. A particularly technical part of Amazon that we've written about before is their Demand Side Platform - Amazon's own ad platform with allows users to advertise on Amazon's owned portfolio of high-quality sites as well as the wider web. 

Amazon's ad growth has hit a big milestone as their share of the US ad market is now 10%. With Amazon sales soaring throughout lockdown, this is barely a surprise. Will the giant of retail one day take over the online ad space too?


Facebook Introduces Dynamic Ads for Streaming

In the world of paid social, Facebook has launched Dynamic Ads for Streaming. Dynamic ads on social was a prediction from our very own Sarah Clarke at the end of last year so it's satisfying seeing this come into reality!

With the new Dynamic Ads for Streaming, users who see your ads will be able to swipe through and see more personalised content based on their interests. With Facebook and Instagram both being powerful tools for audience segmentation, this is a huge opportunity to build highly effective ad creative that convinces users to follow your call to action.


Pinterest launches Creator Code and new comment moderation tool to keep content positive, safe and inspiring.

Social media is often at the heart of debate when it comes to people remaining healthy online. Sites are facing more and more pressure to enforce rules that make their platforms safe and welcoming spaces for all.

Pinterest has announced their new Creator Code, a content policy "designed to keep Pinterest a positive and inspiring place" for their users. Users will need to accept this code in order to post story pins in an effort from the platform to ensure it remains a positive experience for users. we've spoken before about how valuable a Pinterest strategy can be for growing your brand, and it's clear that the platform are keen to keep a firm hold on their reputation as the nice guy of social media!


ClickThrough DPM news - We're on TikTok!

Finally, we'd like to share some exciting news that's happened for the DPM team here at ClickThrough. We are now officially whitelisted on TikTok! Naturally, we're very excited about being down with the kids and we're already seeing some great results from our TikTok endeavours for clients. 


Thank you for reading! If you'd like to work with the DPM team across any of our channels then get in touch to find out more.

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