How to turn existing content into a press release to win referral traffic

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Find out how we utilised existing content for two of our health clients during Dementia Awareness Week and secured a 600% increase in referral traffic!

How we repurposed existing content for two of our health clients during Dementia Awareness Week

Most of the time, brands will have a catalogue of useful and informative articles sitting in the news/blog section on their website to help educate users. These articles are often written with the purpose of building trust and authority in the brand’s sector and niche, to show search engines and potential customers that the brand is influential in their space.

If these articles are attracting lots of traffic, chances are there’s also an opportunity to convert them into press releases to also gain brand awareness and acquire backlinks from media and industry publications.

Using these techniques, we achieved;

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Existing content transformed

For Dementia Awareness Week, we repurposed existing content for two of our health clients: a home care provider and a care home. The two pieces of existing content we outreached to press involved research about how music therapy plays a positive part when taking care of patients with dementia, a webinar with a dementia expert explaining what dementia is, facts and myths, how the illness impacts people’s health (physical and mental) and how different types of care can help those affected to live comfortably.

Simply by adding authoritative expert commentary from our clients and eye-catching headlines in the press release, as well as subject lines, we managed to acquire considerable press coverage between our two clients.


The results

The press coverage we secured for our clients during Dementia Awareness Week and the week leading up to it generated 11 links, across publications such as Wellbeing News, The Carer UK and Care Home Professional.

Combined, these publications have an online readership of 85.3M, with our articles gaining an estimation of 154K coverage views. Our work also led to an uplift in sessions from last year’s campaign, with a 162% increase in organic page visits, and referral traffic is up by 600% from last year.

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