Which Content Types Are Most Popular in My Sector? 4 Tools for Reviewing Content Marketing Effectiveness

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Backlink analysis tools were the mainstay of the SEO analysis toolkit a few years back, before we discussed a more integrated approach to SEO including content marketing and social media marketing.

Backlink analysis services such as Moz Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO and Google’s own Webmaster Tools are still important in benchmarking the authority of competitor domains and detailed analysis of sites linking to different sections of site.

Today, with the growth in popularity as content marketing as a method to attract new visitors to a site it’s useful to gain an appreciation of which content is most engaging for users and so is more likely to be shared. To help answer this question, there are a new complementary set of analysis tools that can be used to review content effectiveness.

These services can show:

  • The content types and ideas getting most traction measured by number of shares in social media
  • Content gaps in your plans for particular types of content compared to competitors
  • Competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and the opportunities and threats from the wider market

The four tools we have been taking a look at recently which I encourage you to check out are:

1. Socialcrawlytics.com

Social Crawlytics is one of the best established tools for social share counting.

It enables you to analyse the social sharing performance of any given URL. By showing how content has been shared across multiple social networks, you can begin to determine what content is getting the most traction on which social network and how it is performing versus objectives.

2. Quick Sprout Website Analyzer

Quick Sprout is a tool with a number of features for SEO analysis. The part I’m recommending is the Social media analysis component which shows you page share per network.

3. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo provides similar functionality to that offered by Socialcrawlytics and Quick Sprout.

However, the tool’s simplicity, ease of use and speedy performance means it still offers some really useful insights for those looking for a quick snapshot of how a website or web page’s content is performing across multiple social channels. It is also under active development with new features being added that are particularly useful for content marketers such as filtering results by date and type of content.

4. Talkwalker

Talkwalker is a more of a social media monitoring tool. It has just been made available for free and provides additional information on influencers and content popularity (although without the clear levels of shares).

I hope that one or more these services adds to your content marketing analysis toolset. Which do you prefer, or perhaps you have others you recommend?

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